Nadia Madzarac

Coming from the Event Management Industry, Nadia is quite familiar with the thrill and importance of your wedding day. Nadia lives in Montreal and is fluently bilingual in French and English. She can personalize your wedding ceremony in regards to your taste and the chosen theme and will help with celebrating a day of joy and love without judgment. Nadia loves to see happy people and her life mission is to help others to live in a better world. She would be honoured to perform your wedding ceremony on the day or the time of your choice.

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Areas Served

Montreal island, Laval, Anjou and Montérégie area


Pierre-André & Kassia
Nadia was incredible. She really understood the essence of what we wanted to convey at the ceremony. It was important to us that the kids were present and she made them participate and feel comfortable. Many of our guest commented on how much they liked our officiant. We will be recommending Nadia without hesitation. August 2023
Pierre-André & Kassia

Debbie & Scott
My husband and I were very satisfied with Nadia [Madzarac]. She was very kind and friendly and always had a smile. August 2022

Rooland Et Sonia
Wow une seconde extraordinaire le service exceptionnel de 1 à dix cela est 10 sur dix merci pour tout cela Nadia est une femme de parole et d honneur magnifique journée de joie et de plaisir xxxx May 2022

Catherine & Marc
Nadia Madzarac was easy going and was very flexible; she adapted very well to our circumstances. Thanks Nadia. Feb 2022

Marc & Eva-Marie
Nadia Madzarac was lovely, friendly, open-minded and funny. We immediately felt comfortable with her. She had us laughing at the ceremony and guests made sure to tell us that they thought she was wonderful. September 2021

Alison & Hugo
Nadia Madzarac était incroyable et très chaleureuse avec les invités ! La cérémonie s'est déroulée à merveille !! Merci encore pour tout !! Alison&Hugo September 2020
Alison & Hugo

Marc & Alyssa
Nadia Madzarac was just lovely. We really wanted a short ceremony and she really was able to tailor the ceremony to meet exactly what we wanted and needed. She didn't just deliver in this way- Covid-19 has really affected the way ceremonies are performed and the way meeting and communicating with the couple occur. Nadia really made sure she made everyone comfortable and her communication was on point! Marc & Alyssa September 2020

Aimé & Marjorie
Nadia Madzarac is truly amazing ,she helped make our day even more special the we thought it could be . Thank you for a wonderful ceremony. Aimé & Marjorie August 2020
Aimé & Marjorie

Pierre & Lucie
Nadia Madzarac was well prepared and she was on schedule. She was able to add a little bit of humor during the ceremony which make it a great moment. Thank you Very much Madame Madzarac. Pierre & Lucie May 2020

Natalie & Danny
Nadia Madzarac was absolutely amazing. Once meeting with her, it is very evident how down to earth she is and how much she enjoys celebrating love. She made us feel at ease and is truly a wonderful person. Our ceremony was perfect, Nadia is very professional and a pleasure to work with! Natalie & Danny August 2019
Natalie  & Danny

Harold & Dawn
Nadia Madzarac was extremely helpful, we couldn't have done it without her. We live in the U.S. and had many questions which Nadia answered every time. She was a complete delight to work with in every way possible. December, 2018

Chantale & Frederick
Nadia surpassed our expectations. Her passion for weddings shines through making our day even more special. Very friendly and helpful. Made everything easy for us. We absolutely recommend All Seasons to others.

Fatemeh & Jimmy
Nadia Madzarac was great when performing the ceremony and was extremely helpful to us both and also quite humorous and great at improvising when little slip ups occurred.