Kevin Brault

I am a life- long resident of Valley East, north of Sudbury with a kind heart and friendly manner typical of small town life. My hobbies include reading and self-directed learning in the areas of history, philosophy and society, but my passion is people. Making your wedding ceremony meet and exceed your expectations will be my privilege. Every couple has their own personality, culture and way of being, and the marking of life’s most important events should represent that. Whatever the cultural background or mix of cultural backgrounds, whatever ceremony you choose, together we can make the wedding that celebrates the pair of you, your way.

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Areas served

Azilda, Blezard Valley, Capreol, Chelmsford, Coniston, Copper Cliff, Dowling, Falconbridge, Garson, Hanmer, Lively, Naughton, Onaping Falls, Sudbury, Val Caron, Valley East, Val Therese, Walden, Wahnapitae, Whitefish