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Azilda, Blezard Valley, Capreol, Chelmsford, Coniston, Copper Cliff, Dowling, Falconbridge, Garson, Hanmer, Lively, Naughton, Onaping Falls, Sudbury, Val Caron, Valley East, Val Therese, Walden, Wahnapitae, Whitefish


Carole & Claude
Kevin Brault made our Special evening very special and made all of us feel very confident and comfortable during these times. Thank you 😊 Jan 2022
Vanessa & Shannon
Kevin Brault was fantastic! He made our special day even more special! September 2021
Renée & Brandon
Kevin Brault was spectacular. He completely exceeded our expectations. Renée & Brandon August 2021
Maria & David
Kevin Brault met and went beyond our expectations - we were both nervous and did not know what to do and Kevin was there all the way for us! Maria & David July 2021
Maria & David
Christina & Patrick
Kevin Brault truly made our day extra special. From the time of booking up until the wedding, he was extremely organized and was a huge help in knowing what to plan and do the day of. He was so supportive of all of our ideas and when asked offered incredible suggestions that made everything come together. The day of, he was nicely dressed, he was funny, witty, and truly supported love and families coming together. Could not imagine our day without him. Christina & Patrick March 2019
John & Lisa
Kevin Brault was very pleasant and lots of fun to work with. John & Lisa May 2021
Luis-Roberto & Emily-Victoria
Kevin Brault exceeded our expectations. ! Kevin was amazing and super sweet. Made our day the best. Thank you so much. :) Luis-Roberto & Emily-Victoria December 2020
Luis-Roberto & Emily-Victoria
Guy & Cathy
Kevin Brault was simply amazing! Thank you for a beautiful ceremony. Guy & Cathy December 2020
Pierre & Joanne
Kevin Brault exceeded our expectation. Thank you Kevin! Pierre & Joanne December 2020
Pierre & Joanne
Jim & Brigitte
Kevin Brault went beyond our expectations although we knew he would do a great job!We felt very comfortable with Kevin as our officiant. Thank you Kevin! Jim & Brigitte August 2020
Jim & Brigitte
Patrick & Michelle
Kevin Brault was great. We were at camp and he worked to make things easier. He is funny, kind and caring.Considering this was last minute, you guys made it easy. Patrick & Michelle July 2020
Ethan & Camille
Kevin Brault was just the perfect match for us! He was fantastic, friendly and fun to have around, he definitely made our day that much more special! Kevin you're the man! Ethan & Camille June 2019
Ethan & Camille