El-Farouk Khaki, LLB (UBC)

El-Farouk is our pastoral ambassador to the Rainbow Muslim Community in Toronto creating dialogue and deepening relations between the two faiths. He lives in the city with his husband and 3 cats. He has been a Designated Minister with Clergy Support since Oct 2016. El-Farouk has been celebrating and supporting same-sex and mixed-sex Life Celebrations for many years. In addition to this ministry, he is also a refugee lawyer who represents refugees, primarily those fleeing persecution due to their gender, sexual orientation/gender identity and/or HIV status. His ministry also includes being a human rights and spirituality activist which is expressed in his work as the co-founder of the Toronto Unity flagship El-Tawhid Juma Circle network of LGBTIQA affirming, gender equality in mosques. He is eager to work with any and all couples in creating a celebration of your love that affirms who you are.

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Areas served

Central-Downtown Toronto: including The Annex, The Beaches, Cabbagetown, Casa Loma, Distillery District, Forest Hill, Kensington Market, Lawrence Park, Leslieville, Parkdale, Riverdale, Rosedale, St. Lawrence Market, Toronto Island, Yorkville


Myia and Semhar
El-Farouk (Khaki) was our dream officiant and we chose him specifically, creating a ceremony that deeply represented and celebrated both who we are and the building of community as part of our love and relationship. El-Farouk brought his own beautiful words and offerings to the ceremony and many of the people present said it was the most beautiful ceremony they had witnessed. Working with All Seasons was very straightforward and supportive and we are grateful to have had an officiant who could hold and celebrate us well.
Ian and Sam
We would like to thank El-Farouk from the bottom of our hearts for a beautiful ceremony! He is a kind, compassionate and gentle soul. The moment we met him, we knew he was the perfect person to marry us. With an elegant balance of attentiveness and tranquility, El-Farouk eased our stresses and brought his loving energy to our special day. El-Farouk is an accepting and inclusive officiant who projected warmth and positivity throughout the evening. There is no one else we could have imagined bringing our souls together than El-Farouk. THANK YOU El-FAROUK - WE TRULY LOVE YOU! Ian and Sam 06/10/17
Livia and Linda
My partner and I are fortunate and very grateful to have had El-Farouk as our officiant! His presence reflected much kindness, genuine respect for the spirit of Love in all forms, open-mindedness, and a charming sense of humour. Thank you for honouring our special day! Livia and Linda Jan 5th, 2018
Diego & Samantha
We chose El-Farouk Khaki was our officiant as we felt tightly aligned to his values and world view. We could not have asked for a better person to officiate our wedding. El-Farouk is kind, fun, passionate and caring. He respected our wishes for a short, sweet, and secular wedding ceremony and was easy to communicate with and is genuinely a lovely person! Diego & Samantha April 2019
Ahbhisheik & Kelly
Mr. Khaki was our first and only choice for an officiant and he far surpassed the expectations we had for him which were high. He was incredibly receptive to a slight last second change and was flexible with his time. His words were quite beautiful, especially the poem he read after the rings were exchanged. He's a genuine man with a big heart and you can see it when you hear him speak. Thank you El-Farouk Khaki. Ahbhisheik & Kelly May 2019
Ahbhisheik & Kelly
John & Ed
We could not have been more pleased with the service provided by Mr. Khaki. Our wedding was a complete surprise to our guests, and Mr. Khaki began by addressing them with warmth and humour, telling them why we had decided to marry and how concerned we were that the many years of our relationship prior to the wedding not be disregarded as insignificant. He then conducted the service in a relaxed but dignified manner, guiding us through our vows and the exchange of rings. Later he steered us and our witnesses through the process of signing the many forms necessary for registering our marriage, professionally and efficiently. When that was done, Mr. Khaki mingled with our guests and charmed them with his wit, intelligence and charm. Many of them told us how much they had appreciated how well he handled the event from start to finish. We would be happy to recommend Mr. Khaki to any of your clients who are seeking to choose an officiant. Thank you El-Farouk Khaki! John & Ed May 2019