Rev Raul Gurdian

Rev Raul lives in Edson and also serves many other communities in the district (Whitecourt, Hinton, etc.). He is an experienced and welcoming pastor and wedding officiant who will conduct your personalized wedding ceremony at a location of your choosing. The ceremony can be in English or Spanish. As a pastor and volunteer, he takes the responsibility of giving back to the wider community very seriously. We believe Raul is a man of great integrity and a consummate professional and we are proud to have him conducting weddings. Rev Raul is an Ordained Minister with Clergy Support Church. His ministry in part is to perform Life Celebrations on behalf of the fellowship for those in the local area who call upon him. He also makes himself available to lead in worship and fill in when other ministers are sick or on vacation. He has been credentialed since April 2010.

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Areas Served

Edson, Marlboro, Robb, Carrot Creek, Niton Junction, Peers, Shining Banks


Arthur & Bonnie
Raul Gurdian was excellent. We are having a destination wedding and required a legal marriage prior to leaving. Our wedding felt like the we have been married in the eye of god due to Raul's ceremony. Thank you! Arthur & Bonnie September 2019
Andrea & Trevor
We are so thankful to have chosen Raul (Gurdian) to do our wedding ceremony in Whitecourt. He was so easy to work with and very professional. He made us feel relaxed and the whole process using All Seasons was great. We would highly recommend using Raul!
Erin & Darrell
Raul came to Banff from Edson to marry us! He was very personable and willing to include whatever we wanted in our ceremony. I appreciate you taking the time to travel to Banff for us! Thank you!
Chris & Terri
Raul Gurdian was most kind and considerate towards our wishes, in regards to our ceremony. He was professional and made us feel relaxed and comfortable. Thanks again Raul.
Elize & Gregory
The "Awesome Raul Gurdian". Raul went above and beyond. He was fantastic! We had some troubles with the vehicle me and my dad were driving up in. Raul eased the crowd and put a little humour into it. Our ceremony was so special and I'm glad Raul was our officiant!
Elize & Gregory