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Genevieve Jones, B.A. (Hons) (Dalhousie), B.A. (Brock)

Having had the opportunity of traveling and working in Europe, and after becoming a mom, Genevieve and her daughter settled in Fonthill.  She has the gift of understanding different individual needs and enjoys conducting a wide range of ceremonies in her community.  You’ll discover immediately that she is an excellent multi-tasker, well versed in public speaking, and able to conduct your wedding ceremony in English or Spanish, or a blend of both. As an Appointed Designated Minister with a creative artistic soul, she would love to chat with you about your visions, ideas and philosophies on love and companionship. 

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Martins & Justina
Genevieve Jones above went above and beyond in service delivery. She conducted out ceremony perfectly . Genevieve was so pleasant to work with, she made out day perfect. ' Martins & Justina August 2020
Jillian J
Working with Genevieve gave us clarity, professional knowledge, and a plan going forward. When we had questions or just needed to talk it through, Genevieve was there every step of the way. Jillian J