Caroline Hallsworth, BA Hons. (Trent), MLIS (Western)

An experienced wedding officiant with a romantic heart, Caroline honours your wedding with something special; be it her lucky red wedding shoes or her Granny’s pearls, once worn under a bug jacket to hike to a mountain top ceremony. Caroline loves the Northern Ontario outdoors, in all seasons. She plays tennis in the Igloo, gardens amidst the rocks, reads historical fiction and plays euchre badly. Travel adventures include climbing Mt. Vesuvius and sleeping in a 16th Century brewery. Her family’s magical place is their Killarney cottage, shared with friends and the odd dog. After a decade officiating City Hall weddings, Caroline joined ASW in 2019.

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Areas Served

Sudbury, Greater Sudbury, Azilda, Blezard Valley, Capreol, Chelmsford, Coniston, Copper Cliff, Falconbridge, Garson, Hanmer, Lively, Naughton, Onaping Falls, Rayside Balfour, Val Caron, Val Therese, Wahnapitae, Walden


Evan & Rachel
Caroline Hallsworth was very open-minded and did a great job of helping us achieve everything we wanted for our special day. She made herself available to us always, answered emails quickly and even had a Skype meeting with us before the wedding. We wore sneakers to our wedding and she made sure she did too :) Evan & Rachel August 2020
Evan  & Rachel
Adrianna & Christopher
Caroline (Hallsworth) is a beautiful soul who made our ceremony truly special. We are so thankful for her and all her hard work making our day flow with ease and filled with love! We highly recommend Caroline for your wedding day! Adrianna & Christopher, August 2020
Nicole & Dillon
Caroline (Hallsworth) was an absolute joy to work with! She made planning and organizing easy and was always available if we had any questions along the way. The day of our wedding she was amazing and so helpful, even brought a personal touch by wearing a bracelet that went perfectly with our union ceremony! Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better officiant, she was able to make our ceremony unique to us and made this a stress free experience. Thank you Caroline! Nicole & Dillon, August 2020
Nicole & Dillon
Karley & Jeff
Caroline Hallsworth agreed to be our officiant for our last minute Killarney hiking elopement since COVID restrictions prevented us from following through with our original plans for a big wedding. She went above and beyond to ensure the day was perfect for us. From hiking 2 hrs up a mountain and then back down (during black fly season!), to adding little special touches like a pebble toss off a bridge and wearing her granny's pearls for goodluck since she didn't have her lucky red wedding shoes with her. She was absolutely invested in making the day flawless. We would highly recommend Caroline for any couple! Karley & Jeff June 2020
Karley & Jeff
Barry & Susan
We want to thank Caroline Hallsworth for all she did to make our wedding ceremony memorable and beautiful. She was sincerely enthusiastic about the aspects we wanted to incorporate, some of which were new to her. She made extra effort to learn and practice the infinity knot she created during the Handfasting part of the ceremony. It was greatly appreciated that she was so interested. As we worked through the details of the ceremony, her suggestions were thoughtful and added to its overall beauty and meaningfulness. I think her experience performing weddings in the past helped ensure a relative state of calm for the bride and groom to be! We were able to focus on other aspects of the planning and had no concerns about this part of the wedding. We had complete trust in her. Caroline ensured she understood the ‘big picture’ of our wedding, asked us questions to be sure she had this picture and really went to great lengths to make it so lovely. When she understood some of the losses in the family, she asked if it would be appropriate to reach out to some of our family and offer her care and support. This was greatly appreciated. She is truly a loving and caring person who we would happily recommend to others. Barry & Susan Sept 2019
Arif & Nicole
We had such a great experience with Caroline Hallsworth ! Neither my Husband or I like the idea of public speaking or being the center of attention. She made us feel so at ease. Caroline was super professional and accommodating to my 1 year old who decided to have a melt down about 5 minutes before the start time. Caroline was also incredibly kind and helpful with tips about the area as we are from out of town. She made our day just that much better. we cannot recommend enough! Thanks for everything Caroline! Arif & Nicole August 2019
David & Samantha
Caroline Hallsworth was so great and we could not be happier with how things went. She was very informative before the ceremony and she did what was needed to make things flow smoothly. Thanks again Caroline! 15 out of 10 stars!!! David & Samantha June 2019