We are having ongoing telephone issues. If you are not able to get through or your call gets cut off, please email weddings@allseasonsweddings.com and provide us with the necessary information and we can call you back if needed.

All Seasons continues to marry couples during the Covid-19 pandemic. New bookings are still being accepted.

Marriage licences

Some issuing offices are closed when in lock-down, meaning you cannot obtain a marriage licence at that time from that office. When open, most offices are issuing licences by appointment only. Some offices may require the couple to have an officiant in place before obtaining their licence. We are pleased to make those arrangements for you.

Feel free to ask us if you are not sure where you can obtain a licence.

*In Quebec the officiant acts as the licensing agent and no separate licence need be purchased.

No video weddings

In Canada, it is a requirement that the couple, 2 witnesses, and the marriage officiant be in the same physical location. There are no exceptions to this due to Covid-19. You cannot be legally married over video chat.

Streaming Your Ceremony

Please feel free to invite all your family and friends to your wedding via Zoom or another video platform. The more, the merrier!

Instead of postponing due to Covid regulations, why not hold a small in-person ceremony and stream it so that the whole family can take part? It’s like being there in person and family members can even contribute readings and speeches from anywhere in the world.

We have officiants across the country to help plan your ceremony and a beautiful venue in the Ottawa area if you need one.


Throughout Covid, we are offering maximum rescheduling flexibility. If you need to reschedule, there are no additional fees and no time limits, and you can reschedule more than once if required. You can also move the location to anywhere we have local officiants.

Note: Our regular cancellation policy remains in place at this time. However, we are pleased to put your deposit toward your new date, whenever that might be. We are also offering the option of transferring your deposit to a friend or family member getting married in an area that we service.

Staying safe

To keep everyone safe, we follow provincial regulations at the time of your wedding. We recommend speaking with your officiant about safety protocols such as face masks, sanitizing, and maintaining a safe distance. We encourage you to keep safety at the top of your mind and to select a ceremony location (outside is best) that will allow people to spread out. Please do not proceed if any key players are showing symptoms. We will be pleased to reschedule your ceremony.

Finding out what sort of gatherings are allowed

Please visit the following pages to get the latest information about Covid-19 regulations and restrictions in your province.  


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We Respect All People's Right to Marriage

All Seasons Weddings has more than two decades of experience helping couples from all traditions and backgrounds. We proudly respect all people's right to marriage, regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

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