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Amherstburg, Belle River, Colchester, Essex County, Harrow, Kingsville Lakeshore, Saint Joachim, South Woodslee Stoney Point, Tecumseh, Windsor, Leamington.


Riley and Lindsey Aug 2021
Brittany was very helpful and respectful of our opinions and process. Brittany was really great. She understood the feel and vibe we wanted and she helped us to achieve our dream laid back wedding. She promptly answered any questions or concerns I had. Brittany was really great and I highly suggest using her!
Morgan & Bradley
Brittany Gurney was amazing! She helped us with all our questions and sorted us out! So thankful we were able to have her as our officiant! Morgan & Bradley August 2021
Luke & Michelle
Brittany Gurney was very informative and kind throughout the whole process and she made us feel relaxed and calm during our vows. Luke & Michelle May 2021
Luke & Michelle
Stephen & Brittany
Brittany Gurney was wonderful and so helpful! We could not have been happier! Stephen & Brittany March 2021
Dustin & Erin
Brittany Gurney was great! Very helpful and friendly through the whole process. Dustin & Erin October 2020
Dustin & Erin
James & Jaylyn
Brittany Gurney Far exceeded our expectations! Brittany offered the idea that our dog Raven leave her paw print on our Record of Solemnization. This is an extra special keep sake that we will have forever! Brittany was kind, professional and best of all fun! Do we recommend her? 100%! James & Jaylyn October 2020
Ronald & Amanda
Speaking with Brittany over the phone was very useful in organizing the ceremony, and she asked me questions about things I hadn’t even thought about yet. It was immensely helpful. She personalized the ceremony for us in any way she could, was patient and easy to talk to, and was adaptable to our hiccups along the way. She is even so considerate as to inquire on wedding colours and what the wedding party are wearing so that she fits the atmosphere and doesn’t accidentally match the bridesmaids. She ended up finding a dress with a cute dinosaur print to wear for officiating our whimsical affair, which featured gold dinosaur cake toppers and place card holders! Ronald & Amanda August 2020
Ronald & Amanda
Matthew and Daigo
Brittany Gurney was great. She was organised, polite, friendly and helped us create our own personalized ceremony. We live overseas and Brittany arranged a Skype interview with us before the date to discuss details. Matthew & Daigo February 2020
Mark & Christina
Brittany Gurney our officiant was amazing. Thank you Brittany for everything ! Mark & Christina August 2019
Heather & Ryan
Brittany Gurney went above and beyond for us leading up to, and on, the day of our wedding. She made things easy and relaxing during a time that can get overwhelming and stressful. I would definitely recommend All Seasons to anyone getting married, and I would highly recommend Brittany for their officiant. September, 2018.
Lauren & Jeffrey
I would not hesitate to recommend Brittany as an officiant. She made planning our ceremony easy and was open to making changes to the ceremony to fit our vision. She was both professional and easy-going. She was a welcome addition to our special day. July, 2018.
John & Dana
Hi Brittany (Gurney), Thanks again for officiating our unique ceremony (at our shoe store). You truly delivered on our big day and helped ease some of the stress and nerves. They placed us with the right officiant for sure! Dana & John May 19, 2018
John & Dana
Skye & Josh
Brittany Gurney was amazing. Would recommend her any day! Our ceremony was short and sweet which was exactly what we wanted. Thanks for making it so perfect!!
Bevan & Dayna
Bevan and I are so thankful for Brittany Gurney for stepping in and marrying us (last minute). Brittany took control of the situation and put Bev and I completely at ease. Our ceremony was absolutely perfect and we are so grateful. Thank you Brittany, we literally couldn't have gotten married without you Bevan & Dayna July 2017
Bevan & Dayna