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John & Stephanie
Aestus Rogers is the best. He made our wedding fun and beautiful. Our plans were drastically changed due to covid. He managed to help us all throughout the changing situation. He went above and beyond to give us what we wanted. He was so very helpful and accommodating. Thank you Ace! John & Stephanie October 2020
John & Stephanie
Matthias & Laura
Everything was perfect, Aestus Rogers helped make our special day even better with a short and sweet ceremony. We are very pleased with the service. Matthias & Laura October 2020
Matthias & Laura
Lindsay and Doug
We would highly recommend Aestus Rogers as a wedding officiant. We recently got married on the winter solstice December 21, 2019. Aestus was so comforting and lovely every step of the way. The ceremony was our favourite part of the wedding and was a large part due to Aestus. Thank you Aestus for making our day so memorable! Lindsay and Doug December 2019
Lindsay and Doug
Timofei & Timea
Aestus Rogers was a wonderful officiant on our special day! The ceremony was filled with touching moments and he made sure to address all of our concerns and questions prior to the wedding day. Thank you once again! Timofei & Timea September 2019
Timofei  & Timea
Eugene & Michelle
Aestus Rogers was amazing. He came in early and made sure to stay for the full ceremony. Even though we didn't plan most of the ceremony in advance, he accommodated it us perfectly and even gave great suggestions. Would 100% recommend him. Eugene & Michelle August 2019
Sebasteann & Christina
Aestus Rogers did a phenomenal job with the ceremony. We only required some minor adjustments to his pre-constructed ceremony and he was incredibly accommodating. The wedding was beautiful, simple, and precise. Our guests were very impressed and many had asked if we knew Aestus for a long time based on his warm presence. Highly recommend using Aestus for your wedding ceremony! Sebasteann & Christina August 2019
Kate & Shane
Aestus was so kind and funny and put us at ease. Without any rehearsal he performed our ceremony beautifully and kept us calm and smiling. Our friends and family commented on how great he was. Most importantly for us, he was open to doing whatever we wanted, which for us was to make things short and sweet. Thank you Aestus.
Erin & Mark
Aestus Rogers was warm, clever, lively and really understood our quirkymess, sensibilities and humor. We really could not have had a more perfect officiant for us. All Seasons was easy, prompt and very easy to work with.
Jocelyn & Tom
Aestus Rogers was wonderful, we are extremely happy with his service and would nit hesitate to recommend him. He is well spoken, methodic, has a great sense of humor and the appropriate amount of reverence was shown for the occasion. He balanced it with fun and managed the crowd to get the job done We loved him!
Gregory & Patrick
Aestus Rogers was great! Great, short, sweet, legal ceremony, which is what was requested. It was exactly what I was after. You made it so easy. On such short notice too!!!
Jocelyn and Tom
Hi Aestus, just saw your name in my emails and thought to send you a big thank you for our ceremony Saturday, you were perfect and did a perfect job of it and I can't think of anything better to say to you than that! Tom and I are at the cottage for two weeks and winding down after the craziness. If you ever need a referral, please be sure to send them to us as I will not hesitate to shout your praises from the highest tree! Yours very gratefully!!!!!
Shawn and Stephen
Thanks Aestus Rogers you met all our expectations and more.The simplicity and straightforwardness of the ceremony was, we believe, a big part of its power. Your calm demeanour, presence, and poise created a lightness and levity to what was nonetheless a solemn and weighty moment. We know that's kind of a contradiction but looking back on the ceremony we can identify in ourselves feelings both fuzzy and granite-like, formal and relaxed, noble and yet down-to-earthy. Yeah we're waxing a little poetic here, but doing so only to express our gratitude at how perfectly suited the ceremony was to who we are and what we wanted for it.
Rudy and Peter
OUTSTANDING!!! Rudy and I are so happy that you were able to perform the was (obviously) very moving, very spiritual, and very beautiful. Thank you, Aestus Rogers for the most memorable day in both of our lives. We will send along some pics soon. You are awesome!!!
Paul and Krissy
Aestus Rogers, thank you so much as well for helping us tie the knot, the atmosphere was exactly what we wanted, loving and fun! Everyone commented on how great the ceremony was, they thought the wording was so beautiful, and most people thought we knew you as a friend since it seemed so relaxed. take care, and we'll definitely be in touch!