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Nicholas Wilhelm

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Aylmer, Belmont, Fingal, London, Port Bruce, Port Stanley, Shedden, Sparta, St. Thomas, Talbotville, Union


Grace & Troy
Our wedding was a last minute affair and a tall order for anyone. We asked Nick to be our officiant only a few weeks before the date and we had no idea what we even wanted. He took our few meager ideas and helped guide us through every step of the ceremony from first looks to that (almost) first kiss. It was a Halloween wedding and we wanted all our guests in costume, so on top of all the rest we asked Nicholas to find a costume as well, and not just any costume! We wanted him to embody Frejya, the Norse Godess, and he did it! Not only did he find a costume, he made an entirely custom outfit with so much attention to detail, it was more than we ever could have imagined! There are many many praises we could pile on this wonderful person, but the most important was that he listened to our crazy ideas closely and he delivered EXCACTLY what we asked for! Nicholas has an amazing ability to be completely himself in every outfit he wears and will no doubt be the perfect fit for your dream wedding. Grace & Troy, 2020