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Peter and Francisca Aug 2021
Jody Surpassed all expectations by coming in costume and conducting Star Trek-inspired ceremony that we loved.
Peter and Francisca Aug 2021
Samantha & Simon
Jody Haucke was very flexible, friendly and super easy going. We had to change our officiant last minute, and Jody was able to step-in and provide a professional and stress free experience for us. He even wore a kilt to match the groom! He was very accommodating with regards to restrictions and social distancing. We would definitely recommend Jody to anyone who is looking for an engaged, professional, and fun officiant. Thanks Jody! Samantha & Simon July 2021
Francisca & Peter
Jody, you were perfect. Thank you for making our special day that much better! (Photography by Jen Derbach Photography)
Francisca & Peter
Daniela & Omar
Jody Haucke exceeded our expectation. Thank you Jody. Daniela & Omar November 2020
Daniela & Omar
Kai & Jessica
Jody Haucke was great! He was clear and concise. He added some pop culture jokes that we enjoyed. Kai & Jessica October 2020
Geoff & Lorna
Jody Haucke was a perfect fit to our day. Very warm presence, kept us on track and and has a lovely voice for our outdoor wedding! He brought a calm and welcoming presence. Cannot thank you enough Jody! Geoff & Lorna September 2020
Geoff & Lorna
Gavin & Katelyn
Jody Haucke was absolutely fantastic! His voice carried extremely well throughout the backyard and we didn't even need a microphone. His ceremony was exactly what we pictured - short, sweet, and personal. Even though we'd never met before I felt like I've known Jody for years. He was the perfect officiant. In the midst of the ceremony I didn't even realize he was stepping aside whenever we said our vows, had our first kiss, so it's just myself and my husband in those pictures. What a beautiful touch! Gavin & Katelyn August 2020
Gavin & Katelyn
Victor & Bianca
Jody Haucke was efficient, considerate and approachable. He is a great orator and presented himself professionally. He accommodated our theme and dressed accordingly. It was a pleasure having him officiate our wedding! Victor & Bianca August 2020
Victor & Bianca
Matthew & Gabrielle
Jody Haucke Jody was wonderful to have as an officiant. He was prompt and even called and asked if we wanted to delay the service due to rain. We received helpful emails from him and he was prompt to reply.Jody was referred to me by a friend when she heard my other ceremony had to be canceled because of covid-19, I would definitely refer all seasons weddings to other friends who are looking for their wedding ceremony. Matthew & Gabrielle May 2020
Matthew  & Gabrielle
Steven & Patrick
Jody Haucke was amazing! He knew what he was doing. He was cool and friendly was a perfect fit for my ceremony. I highly recommended him for any type of ceremony LGBT or not, he is a great fit. Steven & Patrick Oct 2019
Simon & Alex
Jody Haucke is the most wonderful and professional officiant ever! Our pre-wedding meeting laid out everything very clearly, the ceremony itself went smooth as butter and was exactly the right combination of serious and fun. All the guests complimented him during the reception and actually one engaged guest grabbed his card so she could book him herself! Overall just the best person we could have chosen, Jody is a delight. Simon & Alex September 2019
Adam & Sarah
Jody Haucke was an excellent officiant! Our meetings with him were very helpful and informative. He was very relaxed and easygoing. We appreciated the flexibility that he gave us to write our own ceremony. His delivery of the ceremony on the day was creative and engaging. In response to our request, he dressed up as Elrond for our wedding. Our guests loved his costume. Thanks, Jody! Adam & Sarah July 2019
Adam & Sarah
David & Celina
Jody Haucke was absolutely fantastic! We would recommend Jody to anyone! Thank you for everything . David & Celina August 2019
Phil & Erin
I had met Jody Haucke while filming a wedding a few years ago, and thought of him when it was my turn to get married. He was just as good as I remembered, if not better! He has such a great attitude, and kind, calm demeanor. Not only was the ceremony he performed lovely, but in the time leading up to the wedding he really helped us prepare and customize the ceremony and helped us get through the legal stuff. I would highly recommend Jody to future couples! Phil & Erin August 2019
Tyler & Taylor
Jody Haucke was a joy to work with! He was friendly, approachable and helped make our day wonderful! :)Thank you Jody everything was great. Tyler & Taylor June 2019
Andrea & Walter
Jody Haucke was the officiant for our Valentine’s Day wedding and he did a wonderful job. He is very easygoing, professional, and personable, and he put us right at ease. We would highly recommend him. Andrea & Walter Feb 2019
Nick & Claire
Jody Haucke was fantastic! Our first impression of Jody was his profile and video on the All Seasons website. We thought he was very personable and fun. When we first met Jody, he met all of our expectations. He was able to answer all of questions and seemed genuinely interested in our story. On our wedding day, he exceeded all of our expectations and our friends and family loved him! He coordinated his attire to our wedding colours perfectly.
Nick & Claire
Jed & Mike
Exceeded expectations. We wanted something private, and intimate, and from the moment we met Jody he knew exactly what to do. At the altar we were an emotional mess, and Jody just rolled with it, and kept us on course. He is naturally warm and friendly, and has a talent for keeping the ceremony moving forward, even when we can't seem to.
Mathieu & Kimberly
Jody was lovely and very knowledgeable. We enjoyed having him perform our ceremony! Mathieu & Kimberly, June 2018
Wendy & Condy
Jody (Haucke) was great. He has an air of humour that was perfect for us. (Ottawa Wedding Chapel) is a fantastic and beautiful chapel, with wonderful people who made our special day run smoothly. Wendy & Condy, April 8, 2018
Wendy & Condy
Natasha & Geoff
I'd like to commend Jody (Haucke) on his spectacular service at our wedding. He brought such a unique character that captured the assembly, and really helped us feel at ease. He was very professional in breaking down the series of events, and so friendly and approachable he really felt like he belonged. Thank you so so so much Jody for being a part of the best day of our lives.
Trina & Christopher
Jody Haucke was amazing! He let us tailor our ceremony the way we wanted it. He was professional and very easy going. We couldn't think of a better officiant for our ceremony :) I would 100% recommend All Seasons to anyone. The process is one of the easiest parts of wedding planning!
Jessica & Nathan
Jody Haucke went above and beyond to meet our needs. Being a special themed wedding he dressed up and was in character. He was absolutely amazing!!!!! I also hope to recommend Jody to those who look to do more unique themes.
Danica & Brian
Jody Haucke was amazing! Exactly what we wanted! He made our day perfect!!
Alyson & Daniel
Jody Haucke was very organized and kind. He was very easy to get in touch with and responded to our emails quickly. We would HIGHLY recommend Jody, he was excellent and funny! We received many compliments from our guests for his service.
Sara & Lucie
Jody Haucke was absolutely fantastic, helped us choose the perfect ceremony, and went above and beyond - writing down names of everyone important the day of, coordinating his outfit to our colour scheme, etc. Everyone I have corresponded with so far have been the most prompt and respectful with replying of all the vendors I dealt with. Super friendly!! This service was so helpful to my partner and I. We felt so comfortable being able to see all the officiants' experience or openness to performing same sex ceremonies. An incredible resource for the LGBT+ community.
Wade & Taylor
Hi Jody, In the weeks since we have received many compliments on how well the ceremony flowed and was done. That is definitely a huge credit to you. You helped make our day perfect by performing the marriage exactly how we wanted it to be. [Photo by Elenora Luberto from JEMMAN Photography.]
Wade & Taylor
Ben & Brianne
Jody Haucke was very helpful and was always there to answer any questions we had about the process. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone else.
Marie-Eve and Robert
This past Sunday we had our ceremony at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum with the fantastic Jody Haucke as our officiant . Jody was quite simply a dream to have at our wedding. His professionalism, organization, and his eye for aesthetic and placement of our bridal party and our guests helped maximize the uniqueness of our venue. We are truly grateful to have had his unparalleled knowledge at our disposal. Our ceremony was flawless. Jody's articulation and passion in our ceremony was endearing and entertaining. Every line he spoke was delivered with so much care and feeling that our family and friends are still talking about how breathtaking he was as our officiant. We can never thank him enough for everything he has done, because we know that the magic of our wedding would have been a little less without him.
Olivia & Marcus
From start to finish we thoroughly enjoyed using All Seasons Weddings. We absolutely loved our officiant Jody (Haucke) who made the planning and ceremony an absolute breeze. We would highly recommend this company and this officiant for anyone who wants to enjoy getting married! Olivia & Marcus 09/08/2016