Adele Boy, BA, BEd.(UofT)

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Ajax, Ballantrae, Beaverton, Bradford, Claremont, Goodwood, Gormley, Greenbank, Haliburton, Holland Landing, King City, Leaskdale, Lemonville, Maple, Markham, Mount Albert, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Pickering, Port Perry, Sandford, Sharon, Scugog Island, Stouffville, Sutton, Thornhill, Udora, Uxbridge, Vaughan, Whitby, Zephyr


Dave & Jade
Adele Boy was wonderful, all that we could have hoped for. She was punctual, personable, funny, sweet, solemn when needed. The ceremony was short and sweet, yet personal and intimate. She was also very efficient when we met up and made sure that we were getting what we wanted and that we knew what she needed from us. She was also prompt at getting back to us. Dave & Jade Saturday 2019
Dave & Jade