Rev Dr Karen Arends, BSc (UBC); PhD ( U of Alberta)

Based out of Leduc, I love a celebration & ceremonies of all kinds! I also love to create - sewing, quilting, knitting, painting, drawing, cooking, crafting, gardening, writing...and the list goes on and keeps growing. After working as a environmental chemist and university professor for 25 years, I wanted to get into something that would bring joy and a sense of blessing. That is when I decided to become a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant and an Ordained Reverend of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry. My professional writing & public speaking experience from working in a university environment has proven to be a real asset in stepping forth to perform any type of wedding. My experience, demeanor and ability to calm people will ensure your special day will go off smoothly. Call me for a free consultation- let's connect!

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Karen (Kes) is an excellent officiant. We had a lovely experience using her services for our backyard wedding. She made an in-depth inquiry into who we are as individuals and as a couple so that she could give us a ceremony that felt natural, flowing, and in alignment with what we wished to convey to our friends and family about our love story and our commitment to each other. Karen is warm, thoughtful, reliable and professional. She was easy to work with, did a great job of laying out the structure of the ceremony and then stepping back and allowing us to edit and make changes so that it was personal and the emphasis was on our voice as a couple. We were happy to work with her and would readily recommend her to anyone looking for an officiant that can deliver a unique, customized ceremony. [September, 2018]
Karen was amazing. She was involved from day one, she is very quick to respond to messages. Would one hundred percent recommend her to anyone! She provides anything ranging from traditional ceremonies to unique and new age. We are over the moon with the service that was provided. Sent on 22/08/2018