Cathy Parker

I was born, raised and am proud to be a resident of the small town of Dowling, near Sudbury. My husband and I have a great love of animals and our four cats and puppy are adopted from local animal rescues. After working 20 happy years as a travel agent, and an airline customer sales and service agent at the Sudbury airport, I switched careers and graduated as a Horticultural Technician from Cambrian College. Creating living works of art with flowers and working with couples was a natural progression that drew me to conducting wedding ceremonies. I just love performing ceremonies, talking to couples, and hearing their excitement. Their enthusiasm is contagious and never fails to lift my spirits. I think you’ll find me open, honest and flexible and I look forward to being part of your wedding ceremony.

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Areas served

Azilda, Blezard Valley, Boninville, Capreol, Cartier, Chelmsford, Coniston, Copper Cliff, Dowling, Falconbridge, Fox Lake, Garson, Geneva Lake, Hanmer, Levack, Lively, Naughton, Onaping, Sudbury, Val Caron, Val Therese, Walden, Wahnapitae, Whitefish, Windy Lake Provincial Park.