Dr Maureen Coyle, PhD (U of T)

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Downtown Toronto


Jana & Scott
Maureen Coyle went beyond our expectations. She was a pleasure to work with, and delivered a ceremony that perfectly encapsulated my partner and I. Even our guests commented on how perfect it was for us, and how much they enjoyed it. Thank you! Jana & Scott July 2021
Kristen & Liz
Maureen Coyle made sure that we felt comfortable throughout the entire process of planning as well as our big day. She opened our eyes to how personal and perfect a wedding ceremony can be and was open to feedback and personal touches along the way. She also made an effort to chat with our guests and really get to know our story to better understand the overall vibe of the wedding. We can't thank her enough for her professionalism, humour, and kindness! Kristen & Liz July 2021
Kristen & Liz
Michael & Ashley
Maureen Coyle was a perfect fit for our small ceremony. She was very professional, while also being incredibly approachable and reassuring. Thank you so much for making our big day INCREDIBLE!! Michael & Ashley March 2021
Michael & Ashley
Darcy & Alexandria
Maureen Coyle was incredible, so kind and thoughtful. We were very lucky to have her as our officiant! Darcy & Alexandria December 2020
Samuel & Laura
Maureen Coyle went above and beyond for us in a very sensitive, kind and empathic way. She connected with us immediately and became a part of our family for our special day...she truly made it the greatest moment. Samuel & Laura September 2020
Samuel  & Laura
Dennis & Karen
Maureen not only met - but exceeded our expectations. She was such a pleasure to work with. Very personable and more importantly - super focused on details which made everything go so very smoothly. We were so confident in her hands. She was very much an important part of our wedding! Dennis & Karen August 2020
Dennis & Karen
Alexis & Elizabeth
Maureen Coyle went above and beyond our expectations. Our wedding was performed during highly unusual circumstances in May 2020 during some of the worst of the pandemic in Toronto. Not only was she able to understand our vision for our day, she was able to help adapt that to a very small, socially distanced ceremony. Despite only having a few friends in attendance, she helped the ceremony feel intimate and full. Getting married is always an emotional experience but it was made even more complicated under the circumstances. Maureen acted as a guiding hand, understanding things that we would have never expected and helped us make sure we could have a ceremony that was both memorable and also safe. We are forever grateful for her support on our day. Alexis & Elizabeth May 2020
Alexis & Elizabeth
Maxwell & Kayla
Maureen Coyle was absolutely wonderful, she really got to know us in a short time, and personalized the ceremony just for us. Thank you for everything Maureen. Maxwell & Kayla August 2019
Rafael & Carrie
Maureen Coyle was a referral from very good friends of ours. She was absolutely amazing! She really took the time to get to know us, and build out a great ceremony that really represented us. She also took the time to genuinely care about our experience the day of. Absolutely amazing! Love her and would absolutely highly recommend her! Rafael & Carrie June 2019
Rafael  & Carrie