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Courtland, Drumbo, Embro, Hickson, Ingersoll, Innerkip, London, Mount Elgin, New Hamburg, Norwich, Paris, Plattsville, Princeton, Salford, Sebringville, Shakespeare, Stratford, Tavistock, Thamsford, Tillsonburg, Woodstock


Nicole & James
Libby (Harmer) was the officiant for our wedding. Having a wedding during COVID made everything an uncertainty for quite a while. Libby was wonderful and made sure that we didn't have to worry about anything involving our ceremony! She led the ceremony beautifully and I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much Libby!! Nicole & James, August 2020
Nicole & James
Byron & Jen
We absolutely love Libby Harmer, she is so kind and helpful and made us feel totally comfortable before, during and after our ceremony. 11/10 would definitely recommend!!! Byron & Jen July 2020
Byron & Jen
Brad & Terri
Libby Harmer was amazing, With getting married during COVID-19 our wedding plans changed constantly and having Libby on board for whatever came our way was a huge relief!! Libby was amazing and we would recommend her to anyone!! Brad & Terri June 2020
Chris & Amanda
Libby Harmer was a wonderful presence at our service. She laughed with us and led our service beautifully. Thank you Libby. Chris & Amanda August 2019
Chris  & Amanda
Chad & Jaclyn
Libby Harmer exceeded our expectations! She was so well organized, checked in with us, and was well prepared for the rehearsal and wedding. She made us feel at ease and delivered an exception and unique ceremony that was commented on by many guests. You wont go wrong with including her in your special day! Thanks so much Libby the day was a dream come true! Chad & Jaclyn June 2019
Andrea & Oleksa
It was great to meet Libby Harmer and we were incredibly happy that she was our officiant. She was quick to respond, very accommodating, and helped ensure that our special day was indeed special. Andrea & Oleksa April 2019
Nathan & Jaime
Libby exceeded our expectations, and did an exceptionally great job. August 25th, 2018
Mary & Don
Libby Harmer was absolutely amazing both in preparation and the day of the wedding. She was very thoughtful in every detail and truly made the ceremony a memorable one.