Brenda Leeming, BA (Trent) MTS (UofT)

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Apsley, Bailieboro, Bethany, Campbellford, Cavan, Fraserville, Hastings, Havelock, Ida, Keene, Lakefiled, Madoc, Marmora, Millbrook, Norwood, Peterborough, Warsaw


Mike & Amber
Brenda Leeming went above and beyond our expectations. We would recommend her to anyone getting married. Thank you Brenda. Mike & Amber September 2019
Adam & Shelby
Brenda Leeming did a wonderful job! She was more than what I ever expected, Brenda made our ceremony everything we imagined and it suited our relationship perfectly! She is amazing. Thank you!
Rick & Anne
Brenda Leeming was perfect. thank you for making our day wonderful ! we would recommend her in a heart beat! Thank you Brenda. Rick & Anne August 2019
Jim & Karen
Brenda Leeming did a great job exceeding our expectations, and we were greatful to have her officiant our wedding. August 26th, 2018
Aki & Chad
Brenda Leeming was wonderful... very organized, pleasant and friendly.
Lacey & Daniel
Brenda Leeming was absolutely wonderful! Our ceremony was perfect, and she was very easy going and fit in well with us.
Jamie & Chris
Brenda Leeming was so sweet and pleasant. Thank you for making our day so special!