Kerry Parsons, BA (Sedona); BA (Athabasca)

Kerry is an Appointed Minister with Clergy Support Church. She is Designated to a ministry of Life Celebrations, teaching Meditation and Liturgical Dance. Prior to that Kerry was Ordained with the International Metaphysical Ministry. She will conduct your life celebration (Wedding Ceremony), with great joy. Kerry enjoys spending time at her Elmsdale home with her husband, four cats and her little dog, Dolly. She also enjoys singing, songwriting, reading and enjoys learning anything and everything! In the evenings, she can be found lending her voice, guitar and her original songs to a variety of community musical ensembles. Kerry would be more than happy and willing to make your day just the very day you want it to be.

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Areas Served

Antrim, Beaver Bank, Bedford, Belnan, Brookfield, Carroll’s Corner, Cook’s Brook, Dutch Settlement, Elderbank, Elmsdale, Enfield, Fall River, Gay’s River, Goffs, Lake Egmont, Lantz, Hammonds Plains, Hardwood Lands, Horne Settlement, Kennetcook, Kinsac, Maitland, Meagher’s Grant, Middle Musquodoboit, Milford Station , Nine Mile River, Noel, Oakfield, Oldham, Sackville, Shortt’s Lake, Shubenacadie, Stewiacke, Waverley, Wellington, Windsor Junction, Wittenburg, Wyses Corner